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MaxiBIM Provides Tools for your Modeling efficiency!

Welcome to MaxiBIM Wiki

MaxiBIM Wiki is built and created by MaxiBIM dev team. We work hard to provide answers for frequently ask questions and stored them inside this knowledge base. Feel free to browse anything you might need, and hope you could learn some exciting features from out product.

Should you find any question that was not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us!

MaxiBIM Common Tools

MaxiBIM is set of Revit based modelling tools for your improved efficiency. Including popular tools to help you gain a perspective view of models (for free!) and tools to transfer your CAD DWG to Revit models.


Manage your Licensing with MaxiBIM;

Sync Views and Section View that enhance your perspective of model;

Export PDF with previews and combine them into one file!

 Learn more on all the gadgets provided by MaxiBIM Common Tools in MaxiBIM Guidance..

MaxiBIM AEC Tools (MaxiAEC)

MaxiAEC can help you with our advanced CAD reading algorithm to analyze and extract both graphical information and textual data, convert them into highly accurate Revit models with data-rich families. You can even read schedule data from CAD tables!


Transfer your construction drawings (Columns, Beams and Walls) to Revit model with precision.

Easily create a consistent grid system from CAD drawings, and apply it to your Revit Models with style.

Automated tools to save you from repetitive works, such as manually add slabs and deal with overlapping elements.

 Learn more on all the tools provided by MaxiBIM AEC Tools in MaxiAEC Guidance..

MaxiBIM MEP Tools (MaxiMEP)

We are working hard to bring our MEP tools to you!

Quick Preview:

MaxiMEP will provide with you the ability to generate fire sprinkler system with simply clicks, align or distribute your pipelines, and - advanced Clash Detect!

How to Start working with MaxiBIM

New to MaxiBIM? Don't worry! You can download MaxiBIM now and apply for your own account, to start using MaxiBIM from today!

To learn more, click the following links.

Downloading and Installing MaxiBIM

MaxiBIM Account

MaxiBIM Licensing

User Agreement and our Privacy Policy

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In MaxiBIM, we not only provide the state-of-the-art Revit Tools, but also provide our understanding of how to reshape the AEC Industry with BIM!

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About Us

We are MaxiBIM, a technology-driven company. Our product team, which has rich experience in software development and consultancy, has gained patents in algorithms, applications, and graphics, and also has created multiple long-test BIM products to the market. Our clients include major construction companies to SMEs, and the service quality is proven.

As our name suggests, we are working hard to maximize the efficiency of building information modeling, and trying our best to improve AEC digitalization. MaxiBIM is endeavoring to improve the information and intelligence level of the AEC industry through the use of algorithms, cloud-based BIM, and programming, aiming to make BIM engineers complete their tasks with more precision and less labor.