Auto Grids

1. About this function

  • Read gridlines in your linked CAD drawing to create Revit Grids with your family and style.


2. Demonstration

Auto Grids

3. To use this function:

  • First, go to the Linked CAD file in plan view and click "Auto Grid".


  • You can find two columns of layers in the Pop-up window. MaxiAEC allows you to extract drawing lines in CAD file for different grid parts. 


  • To read the grid line layer in the drawing, click the Extract Button and pick a grid line. That layer will be recognised as grid line.


  • Do the same for Grid headers and annotations.  You can view the extracted layers for different elements before creation.


  • You can also choose between different grid header types, and decide whether you need dimensions between grids


  • Start the creation, and you can see the created grids in your Revit project.


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