PDF Export

1. About this function

You can easily create a 3D section view only for the floor you're working on.


2. Demonstration


3. To use this function:

  • When you are ready to export your sheets and views to PDF format, click the "PDF Export" Button to bring up Configuration Dialog.


  • Click the “Choose contents to be printed” button on the Top-left corner to bring up a list of views and sheets in current model.

Choose Views

  • You can choose to print current view or sheet only, or select a combination of views and sheets to suit your need.
  • Use the “Move Up” and “Move Down” to adjust the order of sheets in the exported PDF file.

Sort Views

  • As you browse through the views and sheets, you can preview the printings on the right hand side at the same time, see how the contents might looks like in selected paper.
  • To change paper, click the drop-down menu on top of the preview window to choose from predefined standard papers. Both North American Papers and International Papers are provided.
  •  You can also customize your own paper size and change the orientation to fit your content.

Choose Paper Size

  • Click the “Settings” button to further configure your printings, allows you to set the name of exported files, adjust layout settings and change scales, etc.

PDF Export Settings

  • You can decide how to name your PDF file, the placement and zooming of your printing content.

Settings of File NamesSettings Paper Placement

  • Finally, select a path to export your PDF printings.


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