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MaxiBIM Addon provides a set of Revit based modeling tools for your improved modeling efficiency and help you gain a more perspective view of models (for free!).

Supported Revit Version: 2016 - 2021, 64bit

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Welcome to MaxiBIM V1.0.0!

MaxiBIM  V1.0.0 AEC tools Supports:

MaxiBIM Auto Modelling Tools:

Transfer your construction drawings to Revit model with precision. With our advanced CAD reading algorithm to analyze and extract both graphical information and textual data, convert them into highly accurate Revit models with data-rich families. You can even read schedule data from CAD tables!

  • Link your data-rich CAD drawings to Revit, and use our parsing algorithm to read both graphical and textual data.
  • With our flexible building element families, 2D drawings can be transferred accurately to Revit Model, save you tons of time.
  • Currently MaxiAEC allows you to convert CAD drawings of concrete columns, beams, and walls to Revit model.
  • Modelling tools for structural steel, MEP components, and decoration coming soon!

Grids and Annotation Tools

Grids also play a big part in modelling. Using MaxiAEC allows you to easily create a consistent grid system from CAD drawings, and apply it to your Revit Models with style.

  • Read gridlines in your linked CAD drawing to easily create Revit Grids with your selected family and style.
  • Dashing Grids and Dashing Levels allows you to create complicated grid system with speed and accuracy.
  • Floating Tags and 3D Grid extend your reach to grid systems under different circumstances.

Model modifying Tools

MaxiBIM also makes it easier to continue working beyond the modelling of structural elements. Here we picked a few tools as examples.

  • Dashing Slab, recognizing enclosed area surrounded by structure elements and create slabs accordingly.
  • Dashing Trim, provides a quick solution for building element confliction.

You can now freely experience the Revit® Modelling tool we proudly provided. Any suggestions and advice are welcomed! Be sure to follow us on #MaxiBIM and learn more at!

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