Dash Level

1. About this function

 This function allows you to easily create a scoped section by dragging a selection box on Plan view.


2. Demonstration

Dash Level

3. To use this function:

  • Click "Dashing Levels" to activate the function.


  • This function will first read your model for already existed levels. You can view the information of existing Levels.


If you are using Revit with Imperial Units, Floor heights will read as engineer feet in this table.

  • In this Table of Level, you can modify Level names, Floor height, Elevation height and choose from different Elevation Heads.
  • You can also manually add levels by copying existing levels.
  • Use "Batch Edit" to edit multiple levels at once. 1625126801104-490.png

  • Click "OK" to create levels.
  • You can go to one of the Elevation View to see the created levels with specified head. Floor Plan Views and Ceiling Plan Views will also be created accordingly.


Grid tags might overlap with newly created level lines. For the gridlines and grid tags to be displayed correctly in Elevations, we suggest you to create levels before creating Grids in plan.

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