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1. About this Page

This page help you remove MaxiBIM from your machine.

2. Uninstallation

The methods of uninstallation depend on the version of MaxiBIM you got.

3. Screenshots:

For MaxiBIM Installer downloaded directly from MaxiBIM website:

  • Go to the directory where you have MaxiBIM installed, and find the shortcut for uninstallation.


  • Click on that to start the uninstallation procedure. 


  • Do not forget to uninstall the branch of MaxiBIM you would want to remove. This page might vary according to your subscription.


  • The installer will uninstall MaxiBIM automatically.

If you get MaxiBIM Installer downloaded distributed by Autodesk AppStore:

  • To start the uninstallation procedure, you can double-click the downloaded installer which you used to install the app/plugin.
  • You can choose to repair MaxiBIM, or Uninstall MaxiBIM completely.


  • Wait for the uninstallation to finish.


  • Or go to Windows Settings => Apps and search for MaxiBIM. You can uninstall MaxiBIM from the search result.


  • Click the "Uninstall" Button to remove MaxiBIM. Notice that you might require administrator right to proceed.

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